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Amazingfiction The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriageblog – Chapter 1448 – It’s Your Family’s Kid That Got A Beating lame riddle reading-p1
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1448 – It’s Your Family’s Kid That Got A Beating able handsome
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The caretaker possessed embarra.s.sment on his deal with. “No no…”
Just then, Lu Beichen could not accept it any more.
“I don’t consider you’ll go and apologize!”“Really.”
“I…” She did not dare to totally agree and looked over Lu Beichen who had been in the section.
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“Oh, I…”
The school was set up a place. Going through the fuming new mother of Ceng Kai, “Mother Ceng, we’ve stated definitely. This deal with, we will go according to the policies and tackle the situation…”
He smiled.
The caretaker noticed Lu Qinyu and quickly welcomed him. “Greetings, Mr. Lu.”
Fu Chenxi got all the more astonished. What did it imply?
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Lu Qinyu spoke primary. “Alright, we will not put you in a place. I’ll discuss and speak to her.”
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The coach looked at Fu Chenxi. “Where are the mothers and fathers, Fu Chenxi?”
Fu Chenxi was pleasantly surprised. What do this mean? Managed Lu Qinyu accept and take her?
Caused by Ceng Kai’s new mother kicking up a big ruckus.
And then, he was beaten up in class.
The caretaker had embarra.s.sment on his encounter. “No no…”
Their mom and dad arrived one after another, all except Fu Chenxi’s.
Specially when not only was he defeated up, he had also been derailed and looked like he did not want to live if they reached the hospital. It produced his loved ones feel angry. They wished a description through the school regardless of what. How have these people torment their important boy? Why do he not need to reside?
“Mr. Lu, you’re…” The college witnessed and was thankful that Lu Qinyu personally stepped forwards.
Fu Chenxi bought more shocked. What did it suggest?
“Ha, do you reckon money can clear up all the things? Absolutely no way. Where’s he? I have to view your child. I have going to him until he’s crippled. Let him have got a personal taste to getting defeated up.”
Fu Chenxi looked over Gu Jingyan gratefully. Gu Jingyan sent back a smile.
He only been curious about to themselves. Was not it meant to be giving him a idea on causing issues? Why made it happen end in acknowledging a child-in-law?
“Oh, excellent fantastic. Be sure to make sure you allow your home know that it’s our son’s error for primary your youthful mistress astray…” Lu Qinyu looked sorrowful.
Ceng Kai’s mum shouted agitatedly the minute she observed him. “Oh, so it’s your kid having defeated up our Kai Kai into this eh? You must give me a description. The place is the youngster, disguised .? Ha, we’ll not let this matter relax. We will elevate this make any difference up, no matter how significantly it charges. Do you really think you may disguise the kid although you may have your filthy dollars?”
Just then, someone inside possessed heard all the things.
Once he observed Gu Jingyan standing upright there, he hurried in.
“No way. I would like to observe the persons involved. I would like to observe how you people cope with it. I have observed these people will not be fantastic to mess with, they are all boys and girls of your unique. Why? Can you seem on us? Do you wish to remember to brush us away? We’ve been giving a great deal income to your institution every year.”
“Oh, good good. Be sure to be sure you let your property understand that it’s our son’s mistake for primary your youthful mistress astray…” Lu Qinyu appeared sorrowful.
Ceng Kai’s mum have a fright. Then she looked over him and claimed angrily. “Why? You little rascal! You dare hit my child?”
Lu Beichen’s eyes narrowed. “Why don’t you ask what your boy performed primary? Why did he insist on confessing his emotions and thoughts to my friend and once she declined him, he did not prefer to allow her to go? He almost have one thing terrible immediately. Luckily for us, he possessed absolutely no way of pressing Gu Jingyan. If not, I’ll hit not only his encounter, but bust his feet too!”
“What nonsense is this, Small Mistress. It is our task.”
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The institution was put in a spot. Examining the fuming mother of Ceng Kai, “Mother Ceng, we have explained clearly. This combat, we will go based on the guidelines and tackle the situation…”
Fu Chenxi did not prefer to call everyone more than. She did not dare to let many others observe how sloppy her mom and dad checked.
Fu Chenxi got much more astonished. What made it happen mean?
“I don’t feel you’ll go and apologize!”“Really.”
Just then, Lu Beichen could not carry it any more.
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Ceng Kai was the sole child. Even though his household was slightly well-off, they handled Ceng Kai with numerous adore, by no means allowing him ignore anything.

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